• Do you long to experience a joyful life, brimming with power and purpose?
  • Do you want to grasp your deepest calling by releasing emotional pain, mental blocks and/or unhealthy habits?
  • Do you wish you could re-create your life, yet wonder how to get from where you are now to where you would like to be?


Arabella Winters has been there. Yet today, this courageous woman lives a happy, healthy life—and offers you guidance to do the same.


As the author of the memoir Thrown to the Wolves, creator of Pawsitive Affirmations, a dynamic workshop leader and personal life coach, and a singer known for her passionate melodies, Arabella is a bold presence in a world desperate for a fresh voice of hope. While her roles may be diverse, her vision is singular: To help you embrace extraordinary joy and freedom by living from the highest expression of your own inner creation.


She shares her personal story in Thrown to the Wolves, an achingly raw story of child abuse—and a beginning from which she might never have healed. Yet Arabella not only emerged from those and subsequent years of self-abuse, she began to listen to her wise inner voice. As a result, she forged a unique and powerful pathway to a happy life.


Now a certified professional coach, Arabella offers you the inspiration and practical tools to do the same. “People tell me that my strength and grounding presence helps them to believe in their own strengths and abilities, which in-turn helps them to reach their goals and dreams,” she says. “I’m not one to follow the crowd; instead, I like to blaze a different trail. I get great joy in helping others discover their own personal and unique pathways. I feel alive when I’m encouraging people in honoring and believing in their strengths, and when I’m helping them to follow their inner compass. I thrive when I am supporting people in creating the lives they have always dreamed of, whatever that looks like.”


If you’ve tried to get free of unhealthy habits or behaviors, if you long to live from a sense of your own center, or if you simply desire a greater sense of purpose, experience Arabella as a writer, a personal life coach, workshop leader or singer. Doing so will inspire you to embrace life in a whole new way.

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