(Memoir contains mature subject manner including strong language, violence, and explicit sexual content.)

A little girl cowers in a closet. A teen gets beaten for waiting too long to feed the dog. A young woman tries to take her life, and her mother reacts with irritation at the inconvenience. Crushed by those who should have loved her, Arabella Winters faced betrayals horrific enough to have destroyed the strongest among us. Raw, real, honest: this is a candid memoir of one woman’s journey from childhood trauma into a generous and purposeful life. Yet Arabella’s story doesn’t end there. Her words soar beyond heartbreak to illuminate a life that, inexplicably, weaves courage through the chaos and holds to a thread of hope, no matter what.

Author Bio:

Arabella Winters is a certified professional life coach. Around town she’s known as the singing skater who attracts and rescues animals everywhere she goes.

What’s Being Said about Thrown to the Wolves (click here for more reviews 5 stars at amazon)

“This is no ordinary memoir; it’s the intimate, life-changing story of an irrepressible human spirit. Arabella will connect you to the soul in every other human being, and expand your capacity for love, compassion, and forgiveness.”  Beth Buelow, Certified Professional Coach, Founder of Intentional Talk

“A groundbreaking, heart-opening book. Brave, bold, and raw. I cringed, cried, and laughed out loud.”  Anne Katherine, M.A., best-selling author of Boundaries and When Misery Is Company

“A provocative, true story that will captivate your heart and soul. After reading this book, I know that Arabella is an angel teaching all of us unconditional love.”  Andy Dooley, Life coach and Spiritual Comedian

“Even as a child, Arabella had the courage, strength, and wisdom to speak with the power of truth. Because of this, she grew with increasing clarity and purpose, becoming the gifted and accomplished woman she is today.”  Susan McKay, MCC, International Coach Association Master Certified Coach