“Completely riveting! For two nights straight I peered into a world that spun me around like an unbalanced washing machine. One of the good ones that you won’t put down until you’re exhausted and done. Not many can bare their soul as intimately as this.”  —L. James

“This memoir is more than a window into the life of a tortured child. It is a rare opportunity to experience the hope and despair, the suspense and the awakening, of a child viewed not for herself but for her use to the adults in her family. A secret also gets ripped open—the horrifying secret that, sometimes, a mother will sacrifice a child on the altar of her own needs. Whatever your own circumstances, you can view this book as the light at the end of the tunnel. For surely, if Arabella could rise from these ashes into a beautiful and fulfilling life, you can too. No matter how low, how tough, how trampled your life, you too can find your lighted path.” Anne Katherine, M. A., Mental Health Therapist and best-selling author of Boundaries, Lick It, and When Misery is Company

“Two words: Absolutely captivating! If you have children or know someone who does, you must read this book.”  —Samantha Valerio, Mother and Health Care Professional

Professionals working in chemical dependency and clinicians working with clients will find in this book an intimate portrayal of a client’s inner experience and one woman’s view of how professionals in her life helped. Clients working in therapy and people looking for hope can find in this book some sense that they are not crazy, there is hope, and they are certainly not alone. It takes one positive connection to lead the way. Arabella might be the connection you need. A teacher, mentor, coach, parent, aunt, therapist—these are all people who can impart the message that a survivor is not alone, not crazy, and that there is hope!” —Jennifer Hudson, M. A., Mental Health Therapist

“To all who have endured obscene abuse, Arabella Winters demonstrates that your hope can save you. You can escape the broken world that crashed against you. Her example lights a path to a better life. Read this book.”  —D. McGee

“This book needs to be read. A gripping tale I couldn’t put down, a survival with twists and turns you want to see through to the very last page. While not for the thin skinned—as it does convey tragic imagery that makes a heart hurt at times—it is a book about triumph and stopping the cycle of abuse. What an inspiring read this was, one I recommend to all.” —J.R. Thorsen, Health Care Professional and Artist

“This book is absolutely amazing . . . I couldn’t put it down. Thrown to the Wolves is one of those books you find yourself constantly thinking about until you have finished reading it, and also after you’re done. I love the way the author uses different font types to draw a visual of where she’s at. There were times in the book when I felt like I was right there with her. Very good writing and easy reading. This book is going to change a lot of people’s lives and I’m looking forward to her next book!” —Laurie Berwanger, Mother & Business Owner

“This one is a must read, as it will not be soon forgotten. It has inspired me and reminded me that though life is full of challenges it is up to me to choose how they affect me.” —Alaina Fox

“This book had a very strong impact on me and it was so well written that I couldn’t put it down. This book is very inspiring and shows that anyone can overcome the odds and find peace, love, and fulfillment in life. Highly recommended!” —Destine Robertson

Thrown to the Wolves had my emotions up and down like a roller coaster throughout the entire book, and I absolutely loved it. It was a quick read, but I can’t say it was easy. She opens up to her readers beautifully and she makes you believe that truly anyone can get through anything. It is the type of book that is hard to put down. I highly recommend reading this, it will amaze you and touch your life deeply.” —Lyndsay Sangster-Smith, Psychology Student

“I really loved reading this book! It grabbed hold of me from the beginning and would not let me go. I was blown away with Arabella’s traumatic childhood and her amazing story. She more then survived an abusive childhood, she is now teaching others how to thrive! Arabella is the REAL DEAL!!! No matter what issues you’re facing in your life today, you will easily find the courage and strength to rise above as Arabella has done with her life! Rock on Arabella!”  —A. Dooley

“I would highly recommend Thrown to the Wolves. The stories and emotions are conveyed so intensely, that you won’t be able to put this book down. The author’s writing style makes her experiences feel so real, as if you are there with her. This book will open your eyes to the horrors that children go through and show you how intensely their lives are impacted. The book evokes sympathy, perhaps tears, and inspiration. It will teach you to love your children and your life. Most of all, Thrown to the Wolves will make you think.” —Mel Rudda, Mother & Junior High School Teacher

“This is no ordinary memoir; it’s the intimate, life-changing story of an irrepressible human spirit. Arabella will connect you to the soul in every other human being, and expand your capacity for love, compassion, and forgiveness.”  —Beth Buelow, Certified Professional Life Coach & Founder of Intentional Talk