One-on-one consulting with Arabella is unlike working with anyone else. Her style is direct and bold yet warm and grounding. Her natural ability to create an atmosphere of total acceptance is reassuring. Her playfulness brings both gentleness and joyful healing laughter to your life.

As well as being a consultant, Arabella Winters has life experience beyond her years. She intuitively helps you break through emotional landmines that keep you trapped, unable to shift into a happier, more creative you.

With her help, you’ll move toward your goals in these areas:

  • substance abuse
  • healing from childhood abuse
  • reducing depression/anxiety
  • creating higher self-esteem
  • enjoying exercise
  • reducing negative thinking and self-talk
  • problems with getting motivated
  • lessening social anxiety
  • creating healthy eating habits
  • improving body image
  • weight problems


You’ll also gain a sense of:

  • alignment
  • awareness
  • balance
  • clarity
  • confidence
  • creativity
  • freedom
  • fulfillment
  • grounding
  • overall joy
  • possibilities
  • playfulness
  • strength
  • wisdom
  • and so much more!

Ready to ignite your fire and live the life you want and deserve? Contact Arabella today!