What is Transformative Consulting?

The Invite Change school for Coach Training (the school that I received my coach training) defines a transformative coach as someone who provides and co-creates an environment of safety, respect and absolute belief in another’s inherent wisdom, resourcefulness, and wholeness. Within this co-created partnership: Bold curiosity and powerful questions uncover limiting beliefs, and shine light on an unlimited field of possibilities that generate conscious choice and lasting change.

My personal definition is:

Believing in my clients’ wholeness, capability, resourcefulness, and creativity. I provide space, safety, compassion, acceptance, boldness, and fun so that I may inspire all of my clients to live as their best versions of themselves.

How much does consulting cost?

Please see the Prices page for the various packages and the sliding-fee scale.

Where does consulting take place?

I conduct all of my consulting sessions with my clients via telephone. My clients find this very convenient because they are able to enjoy the benefits of consulting at home in their pajamas with their puppy sitting in their lap, or from across the ocean atop a snow-capped mountain. Okay, maybe not atop a snow-capped mountain, but you get the picture–no commute, no traffic, and no extra cost of gasoline. Telephone consulting is a fantastically mobile service.

What is the difference between consulting and therapy?

Although consulting provides a safe place for the the exploration of significant life events and the effects of those events on a client’s life, it differs from therapy both in its breadth and the depth of that exploration. Therapy is an excellent tool for those who are in need of healing modalities that address diagnosis, emotional and physical trauma, and many other conditions. Often times, persons in therapy find that life consulting is an excellent supplement for their healing journey.


The focus of consulting is one of exploring what you would like to achieve in your life now and in the future. Consulting explores both the hindrances of and supports for attaining your goals. Consulting also addresses shifting your perceptions of and relationship with your current life circumstances.

Where do we begin?

We begin your journey of self-exploration and creative change by first creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort. We do this by co-creating agreements about what you need, want, and expect from both me as your consultant, as well as what you expect from our consulting relationship. We then explore your strengths, talents, guiding values, and passions. Similarly, we will examine your life goals and dreams, personal story, language, beliefs, and challenges. Then, we co-create a solid vision and action plan that you are comfortable with, that will ultimately empower you in bringing about the change you desire.

What benefits can I expect from consulting?

  • A safe place to explore all aspects of myself
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Greater awareness
  • Balance of the many different aspects of my life
  • Gained clarity in direction and life purpose
  • Alignment of my values and how I am living
  • Movement beyond limitations and obstacles
  • Changing my perceptions of and relationship with my current circumstances
  • Accessing and unleashing my personal power
  • More fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and others
  • Clarity of goals and action plans
  • Support in creating or following a life dream, passion or goal
  • Improved intra- and inter- personal communication
  • Maximized leadership and assertiveness skills and tools
  • A supportive partner who will help me in processing through change, challenges, and obstacles
  • A partner who will acknowledge, support, challenge, and champion me every step of the way!

What can I expect from you as my consultant?

  • Acknowledgment
  • Confidentiality
  • A safe partner
  • Challenge
  • Lightness, playfulness, and a sense of humor
  • Clarity
  • Empowerment
  • Encouragement
  • Celebration of my action steps
  • Facilitation of the coaching process
  • Assistance in holding my vision at all times
  • Honoring every aspect of me and my unique, personal process
  • Listening for what is not being said
  • Direct and honest communication
  • Promotion of my growth
  • Active listening
  • Commitment to my success and winnings
  • Non-judgment
  • Support, support, and more support!