Key to any relationship is a good fit between consultant and client. That’s why I offer a free 30-60 minute introductory/get to know one another session. If after experiencing me as a consultant and you would like to work with me further, you can choose from three options: Individual, Monthly, and Sliding-Fee Scale Consulting.


Individual Consulting Sessions

When you need immediate clarity, a single session can open you to new options and perspectives.


Monthly Consulting

When you want to tackle deeper issues or need ongoing support for any reason, this is your most effective choice.

  • Four 30-45 minute sessions per month, $150
  • A two-hour initial session is included
  • A minimum 3-month commitment is suggested
  • Contact Arabella to get started



Sliding-Fee Scale Pricing

If you choked on those prices, fear not! There is a third option available for lower income individuals.

Being raised in a family that utilized charitable assistance quite frequently, I have great appreciation and respect for individuals and organizations that offer services at affordable rates for persons who may not otherwise have access to those services. Part of my mission includes “paying it forward” and making my services available to all persons, regardless of their financial situations.

  • 50% of my appointment slots are reserved for sliding-fee scale clients
  • Price is based on the client’s individual income
  • Contact Arabella to get started