Weekly Pawsitivity: 28 August 2014



     They say that change takes time.   

But, that type of change is usually within our control.   

The change that is out of our control usually happens in an instant.         

  Though it may be difficult to see, within these instances of “no control” our [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 07 February 2014




  The best things in life are free, so go ahead and keep the change.    

 And remember, it may feel like it costs ya but in reality, change is quite profitable.    

 And the bigger the change, the greater the reward.    

 So embrace the [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 03 October 2013




 Thinking about making a change in your vocation or career?  


Perhaps you need a little help in figuring out which direction you’d like to go in?  


Well, call on me, the peregrine falcon.  

I’m a symbol for higher vision and [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 11 January 2013




It’s two thousand thirteen and it’s time to create change,

perhaps new habits, activities or challenging our brains,

What helps me succeed in getting my ducks in a row?

A self chat a day reminds me that I’ll reap what I sow!

Weekly Pawsitivity: 02 February 2012



C   H   A   N   G   E 

 Choose the change I intend to make

Honesty with myself about what it’ll take

Adjust any thinking that gets in my way,

Notice the paths of opportunity as they appear

Grab with courage the wheel of [...]