Weekly Pawsitivity: 03 October 2014




  Do you know how to be pawsitive? 

SMILE! And smile BIG!

Just for the fun of it smile at every stranger you see this week.

Then, notice how big the happy grows inside of you!

The simple act of smiling is [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 05 December 2013






   Objects in fear are

much smaller than they appear.  


(And, I’m not monkeying around here)  



“I get up and nothin’ gets me down, you’ve got it [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 11 April 2013





Feeling down?

Though it may seem counter-intuitive and the hardest thing to do when you’re not feeling good, just by physically smiling your body releases endorphins and other feel good brain chemicals, which elevate your mood.

So go ahead, crack a smile (a [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 10 June 2011





Whatever I’m afraid of doing usually feels too risky when my thoughts continually focus on the possibilities of what might go wrong.

But, what if I focus on everything that’s gonna go right?

Now that’s exciting!

Excitement and fear create the same physiological experience; the only difference is [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 19 February 2010






I’m Cheeky Chimp and I have a smile and I ain’t afraid to use it. You should smile too because smiling:

Elevates your mood and releases feel good hormones; Can change the whole course of someone’s day; Makes you absolutely irresistible to others; Is contagious—people are more likely to smile at [...]