I created Pawsitive Affirmations because not only do I adore animals and believe that from them we can learn lessons about life, but also because I’ve had countless unique encounters with them. For whatever reason, I seem to attract feral and wild animals — both seem to feel quite comfortable with landing on [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 21 November 2014






Have a gut feeling?



Something feel off?  


Go with your gut -

every time.



     ” . . . this time [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 24 October 2014





Not sure which direction to go in?  


Turn to someone who nose you best!


They’ll help you sniff out the most pawsitive path.  



” . . [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 17 October 2014





Sometimes we just know that we’re peas who came from the same pod or kittens who came from the same box. 


And, no matter if one of us is plucked to a different home, our connection won’t be gone. Instead, the distance [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 10 October 2014



Sometimes it’s shocking to realize that not everyone is meant to be in my life for the long run—that a person is only meant to be with me for a period of time. 

Some people are meant to pass in, and then pass right back out.   

Learn the [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 03 October 2014




  Do you know how to be pawsitive? 

SMILE! And smile BIG!

Just for the fun of it smile at every stranger you see this week.

Then, notice how big the happy grows inside of you!

The simple act of smiling is [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 18 September 2014





Sometimes you just need to hang by yourself.   


Hanging alone gives one a higher perspective on situations.    


  And as you know,

most situations aren’t all black and white  

way up high.


Weekly Pawsitivity: 28 August 2014



     They say that change takes time.   

But, that type of change is usually within our control.   

The change that is out of our control usually happens in an instant.         

  Though it may be difficult to see, within these instances of “no control” our [...]