Weekly Pawsitivity: 17 October 2014





Sometimes we just know that we’re peas who came from the same pod or kittens who came from the same box. 


And, no matter if one of us is plucked to a different home, our connection won’t be gone. Instead, the distance [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 04 May 2012



In the morning when I wake

I sing a song to start my day,

I tell myself that life is sweet

cuz of all the cool critters I meet,

My favorites are the youthful and wild,

cuz they remind me that in [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 08 April 2010





Life is like a box of kittens: when your heart does your choosing, you’ll have no regrets.

BTW, even if you may think that you didn’t listen to your heart in the past, remember this: You can never choose the wrong kitten—only a different one.

Embrace all of your choices [...]