Weekly Pawsitivity: 10 October 2014



Sometimes it’s shocking to realize that not everyone is meant to be in my life for the long run—that a person is only meant to be with me for a period of time. 

Some people are meant to pass in, and then pass right back out.   

Learn the [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 23 January 2014


photo by A.W. Feil

If I want more happiness in my life, I hang out with those who are really happy.

If want more success in my life, I hang out with those who are very successful. 

If want more orange in my life, I hang out with those [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 14 December 2012





Whatever it is, try to resist the urge to get all hissy about it!


 No one is purrfect, but as we practice purring more and hissing less, our lives become far more pawsitive! 

“. . . I’m only human of [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 15 October 2010





I’m here to answer the age-old question ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’

The answer:

Because in order to go after what I wanted I had to be bold!

If I didn’t chicken-out, imagine what you can do.

“Carefree highway, Let me slip away, slip [...]