Weekly Pawsitivity: 28 August 2014



     They say that change takes time.   

But, that type of change is usually within our control.   

The change that is out of our control usually happens in an instant.         

  Though it may be difficult to see, within these instances of “no control” our [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 02 November 2012





Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Scattered?


Well, running around like a chicken with its head cut off only achieves one thing:

We lose our heads!


During times like these, I like to remind my bird brain to slow down because after all, it [...]

Weekly Pawsitivity: 02 March 2012




Those of us with the hardest of exteriors tend to have the softest of insides.

Having trouble getting through that tough shell?

Perhaps to reach that inner softness, one simply needs to approach from the softer side. 

Trust me, if you do this, tender [...]